It's time to close the Candidate Engagement Gap

At its foundation, recruiting is about being able to connect with others. The Candidate Engagement Gap is the gap between the candidates you want to hire and the candidates you actually connect with.

In an uncertain market, talent acquisition teams need to source and engage the right candidates more efficiently than ever.

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Recruiting Landscape

Most recruiting now happens prior to application. Therefore, reaching passive talent is a must if you are going to reach your hiring goals.

There is a ton of software that solves the problem of sourcing candidates. But the real problem is engagement.
That's why we built ChatterWorks.


The Problem

Passive candidates don't respond.

The Solution

Meet the candidates where they are.

ChatterWorks is a sourcing and social engagement tool that improves passive candidate response rate for recruiters.

With ChatterWorks, you get personal contact information for the candidates you want to talk to.

But what's new is that ChatterWorks lets you know when a candidate is active on social media sites and what they are interacting with. Increase response rates by engaging candidates when and where they are, and about topics they are interested in.

Social engagement
How to connect


ChatterWorks uses that data differently

We ingest the same data that marketers and advertisers use to present relevant ads in your feed, we just use it differently.

90% of TikTok users access the platform daily and spend an average of 52 minutes a day there. These actionable insights power ChatterWorks' intelligent messaging across all social networks.


Social Messaging

We have a multi-platform messaging system.

With ChatterWorks, you get automated, multi-step campaigns across a variety of platforms—Email, Text, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, and more.

We can send messages to a passive candidate when we know they are active on, say TikTok.


More channels, better timing, and more relevant conversation prompts deliver a much higher response rate.

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Customer Testimonials

"After months of maxing out my credits on AngelList and other recruiting platforms, we were able to quickly and easily make a critical CTO hire within a week of using ChatterWorks. We now have our dream development team to build, design and scale our app"

Jack Foley

Founder and CEO, Klero Social, LLC

"With ChatterWorks I am actually able to get to the person I need to hire for my clients without adding more steps to my workflow"

Rick Girard

Stride Search, Hire Power Radio

"Hands down, ChatterWorks has proven to be the best sourcing and contact solution I have ever used. I have already made four hires this month using ChatterWorks"

Michael Goldberg

CEO, Hiring Transformed

"ChatterWorks makes it easier to connect with them, really reducing the friction to engage them about what they are truly interested"

Brian Fink

Senior Sourcing Recruiter, Amazon Web Services

"Your insights concepts is going to change everything. No more inmails & 1000 emails or phone calls to try and get ahold of someone"

Chris Wood

Managing Director, Aston Carter