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Close the Candidate Engagement Gap

The Candidate Engagement Gap is the gap between the candidates you want to hire and the candidates you actually connect with.

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Recruitment Process
At its foundation, recruiting is about being able to connect with others. That’s why we built ChatterWorks, to connect. Recruiting is more like sales and marketing today. Companies proactively go after people instead of waiting for candidates to apply.


Stalled Engagement

You can have all the contact data in the world, but if you can't connect with the candidates you'd love to hire, what good is it?


Predictive Candidate Engagement

ChatterWorks uses AI and taps into social behaviorto predict candidate engagement. This provides recruiters the signals they need to find, engage, and closehard-to-hire talent.

In recruiting, the most significant problem is engagement.

Passive candidates don’t respond to InMail or even personal email leading to stalled engagement. Automating follow-ups does not solve the problem.

Leading to
more connections...

With the
right candidates...

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Tools of Engagement

Recruiters using ChatterWorks know when to reach out,which platform to use, and what to say to maximize engagement. The impact is higher response rates and reduced time to fill.

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Customer Testimonials

"After months of maxing out my credits on AngelList and other recruiting platforms, we were able to quickly and easily make a critical CTO hire within a week of using ChatterWorks. We now have our dream development team to build, design and scale our app"

Jack Foley

Founder and CEO, Klero Social, LLC

"With ChatterWorks I am actually able to get to the person I need to hire for my clients without adding more steps to my workflow"

Rick Girard

Stride Search, Hire Power Radio

"Hands down, ChatterWorks has proven to be the best sourcing and contact solution I have ever used. I have already made four hires this month using ChatterWorks"

Michael Goldberg

CEO, Hiring Transformed

"ChatterWorks makes it easier to connect with them, really reducing the friction to engage them about what they are truly interested"

Brian Fink

Senior Sourcing Recruiter, Amazon Web Services

"Your insights concepts is going to change everything. No more inmails & 1000 emails or phone calls to try and get ahold of someone"

Chris Wood

Managing Director, Aston Carter