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Closing The Candidate Engagement Gap

The Candidate Engagement Gap is the gap between the candidates you want to hire and the candidates you actually connect with.

New Feature: Kanban-style Talent Board

Manage your talent pipeline and interview process with a slick drag-and-drop interface. ChatterWorks just launched a new Kanban-style Talent Board for project management.

Today’s Talent Mindset: What’s Changed & What’s Changing

Candidates are more critical of potential employers than ever before. They are the prize, and they know it.

Silly Rabbit, TikTok Is for Kids! But What About TikTok for Recruiting?

The TikTok user base is massive, and they do an excellent job of drawing users back, with 90 percent accessing the platform daily. Once there, users spend an average of 52 minutes a day on TikTok. In addition, 40% of Gen Z prefer using TikTok for search over Google. I think it's safe to conclude the passive candidates you want to talk to are on TikTok. So there's value in breaking the recruiting mold and meeting candidates where they are—leading to more connections with the right candidates.

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